Thursday, February 14, 2019

Jim O'loughlin and His Students Bring James Hearst Back to Life!

Wednesday, February 13 - UNI Professor of English and published author, Jim O’Laughlin, has a passion for preserving and archiving the entire lifetime works of Cedar Falls' native son and national treasure, poet James Hearst.  

Professor O’Loughlin has been working on this project for 2 years and has a daunting task ahead as he works with old-school media of the written word and reel-to-reel tapes in his effort to convert the entire collection of works into digitized form.  

As a result of his curating, Dr. O’Loughlin has created The James Hearst Digital Archive with, the 670 poems and other scholarly writings and material of James Hearts. These works will be preserved for future generations to enjoy as well.  Jim talked about how he discovered 19 previously unknown poems that show a critical piece of the puzzle of Mr. Hearst’s life.  Dr. O’Loughlin also found 3 versions of the same poem and was able to see how Hearst changed his thoughts and words right up to the final draft of the poem that had the same powerful thought with the fewest words.  

Our club member, Lynn Barnes, shared with us that he had taken English courses from James Hearst when he was attending UNI.  He said that it was an exciting experience to learn from such an author.  

Thank you for sharing your work, Dr. O’Loughlin.  Your work will be appreciated by people the world over - and I know that we appreciated it as well.

Written by Lynn Barnes

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