Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Director Robert Pruitt Shares the History, Present, and Future of the Cedar Valley Arboretum & Botanic Gardens

Wednesday, April 10 - Gardening takes lots of water at the Cedar Valley Arboretum and Botanic Gardens; most of it involves perspiration and lots of volunteers!  

Rob Pruitt is director of this 40-acre plant heaven located close to  Hawkeye Community College.  These beautiful plants enable Iowans to learn about nature through real gardens and vegetation. They can see what it takes to maintain them and make them grow.  

The biggest draw is the Children’s Garden that includes a true-to-life Hobbit House to nurture kids' fantasies!  Scavenger hunts for all the young “Sherlocks” involve finding the hidden gnomes scattered throughout the Arboretum.  

One hundred thirty orchard/shade trees surround a massive Butterfly Mosaic Garden.  It’s a horticultural work of living art that looks beautiful from the sky.  

We can’t wait for the fun Fall Harvest Festival to begin.  Enjoy fresh sweet corn days with live jazz music and moonlight roses. Fundraising helps keep this labor of love running financially afloat.   Written by Lynn Barnes

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