Wednesday, April 24, 2019

President Nook Shares What's Happening at UNI - Today and Tomorrow

Wednesday, April 24Dr. Mark Nook, President of the University of Northern Iowa, embraces the opportunity to lead UNI as they work to "engage students in high-quality and high-impact learning experiences." He works with others to create a positive learning experience today while envisioning the possibilities for UNI through the lens of tomorrow.

President Nook sees attending the University of Northern Iowa as a unique experience where students have the facilities, resources, and opportunities of a large university while receiving support and personal attention. It is the mission of the university to provide a "diverse and inclusive community that provides an engaged education empowering students to lead locally and globally."

Offering such an opportunity for students is a costly venture in today's world of increasing costs and decreasing state funding. Dr. Nook and his team work to develop strategies and planning opportunities to hold down college tuition. This past year, UNI has had the lowest tuition increase of any of the Regent's institutions.

Our UNI alums have a positive impact on Cedar Valley, Iowa, and the nation as a whole. It is only through good leadership and strategic planning that this is a reality.

Written by Leigh Zeitz and Lynn Barnes

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