Wednesday, September 12, 2018


It has been a productive year for our Rough Risers Kiwanis club.  We have sold over $12,000 worth of Kettlecorn and raised over $15,000 through donations by our sponsors.  All of this money has been contributed to over 40 youth programs, scholarships, and charitable programs throughout the Cedar Valley.

An important part of the contributions that we can provide programs comes from our 28 generous sponsors.  These are companies throughout the Cedar Valley who understand and support our goal of "Making the World a Better Place - One Child and One Community at a time."

This week we will run this ad in the Courier thanking our sponsors.  It will run Sunday, 9/16, and then be available online for the rest of the week.  Check it out!

You are making the world a better place.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Carole Gustufson and Cedar Valley's Promise are Making a Difference!!

August 15, 2018 - Our greatest resource for the future is our children.  Cedar Valley’s Promise sets the tone and the environment to enhance the methodology in nurturing our communities children.  Effective education makes for kids future job skills and develop the needed attributes to be future leaders.  

Carole Gustafson, Director of the Cedar Valley Promise Program, was enthusiastic as she shared her experiences in social work and, more importantly, her experiences in leading CVP for the past year. She began by presenting the 5 Goals CVP has developing and sustaining our children as productive citizens.  

  1. Children are supported and nurtured;
  2. Children are safe;
  3. Children are healthy;
  4. Children are learning; and 
  5. Children are leaders.
She then shared how her organization is working to achieve each of these goals. 

This kind of support help keep families off of welfare; because the CV Promise Program shows them that somebody cares enough to help develop them into contributing members in society.

Thank you for sharing, Carole.   You are making differences in childrens' lives.

Written by Lynn Barnes

Sunday, August 12, 2018

August Brings Thoughtful and Adventurous Programs

Wednesday, August 1 - Business Meeting Where active club members discuss their accomplishments and plans for running and developing the Rough Risers. 
Wednesday, August 8 Global Collaboration Projects that Connect Your Kids to the World
Dr. Leigh Zeitz, Instructional Technology professor at the University of Northern Iowa, will share his 30-year adventure of connecting students to the world through Global Collaboration.  He will begin with his adventures in East Los Angeles and recall his connections with Malaysia, China, South Africa and Japan.  Stories will be heard of Iowa students changed their lives by collaborating with students in other countries.  Dr. Z will finish by touring through the Write Our World program which enables students to write multilingual e-books about their lives and make them available to the world.

 Wednesday, August 15 - Cedar Valley's Promise is Making a Difference!
Carole Gustafson, Director of Cedar Valley's Promise, will share the accomplishments of the CVP.  This program is a grassroots movement to improve the lives of our children through community-wide involvement. It connects parents, neighbors, businesses, governments and youth-serving organizations to provide all children with the support, assets, and resources necessary to achieve their fullest potential. It is dedicated to the health and safety of our children as well as developing their leadership skills for the future. 

Wednesday, August 22 - Connecting Kiwanis Across the Nation
Rushton Hurley, Member of the West San Jose Kiwanis Club, will Zoom with us from his home in San Jose.  Although it will be 4:30 AM in his house, Rushton is excited to tell us what they are doing out on the west coast.  He will also share an innovative meeting strategy that he created with his Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley (yes, he belongs to both) where the club exists online.  They don't actually meet in a synchronous manner.  The presentations are recorded and posted.  The members connect with each other online through their website. Rushton is an imaginative man and it will be exciting to spend some time with him to hear what he has accomplished as well as share our successes.

Wednesday, August 29 - Fishing Like There's No Tomorrow - Let's Get those Bass!!
Dragos Kruse, Fishing Specialist at the Cedar Falls Scheels, will hook you with his stories of angling adventures.  Dragos shell lure you into his watery world with his tails of finny happenings. On a scale of 1 - 10, this will be an 11. Make sure you don't flounder or leave it to salmon else. If you can't make it, let minnow

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Dr. Z Shares Global Collaboration and How He has Connected Students throughout His Career

Wednesday, August 8 - Education is always changing and one of our own Kiwanians, Dr. Leigh Zeitz,  is on the cutting edge using technology to enhance the minds of kids in school through “Global Collaboration.”  

Dr. Z has been connecting students with others around the world since the mid-80s. They have been working with other students in Japan, South Africa, China, Russia, and even Connecticut.  They have learned about other ways of life, cultures, and languages.  

Connecting our kids to the world and other cultures is not just about meeting new peers. Working with learners of other countries can enable learners to better understand the world. They are able to crosstalk about the world with others through experience rather than just hearsay.  

Dr. Zeitz shared a project that he has been promoting called Write Our World.  This is an opportunity for students with other native languages to write e-books about important things in their lives.  They write their stories and illustrate them with drawings or photographs. Their writings are then translated into their native language.  They record their stories in both languages and create multi-lingual books that share their stories in both audio and textual format.  Visit Write Our World  to read some of these books.

We live in a Global Society today and engaging in Global Collaboration is the best way to develop skills for today and tomorrow.

Written by Leigh Zeitz and Lynn Barnes

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Ethan Wiechmann Explains the CF High School Center for Advanced Professional Studies

July 25, 2018 - High school students have an uphill battle after graduation when it comes to being ready to have marketable experiences and skills that employers want.  How do students who have the drive and passion, but not the portfolio to land that good job down the road acquire those skills?  

Ethan Wiechmann, the director of the Cedar Falls High School CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) Program, helps students prepare life skills for that purpose and solve problems in business, education collaboration within the community.  The CAPS students get to work job shadowing and with mentors problem solving on projects with the latest in technology, so they can hit the ground running right from the beginning to land a job.  They have opportunities to present their findings to corporate partners and learn to hone soft skills which help improve their leadership qualities for all-around experiences.

Written by Lynn Barnes

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Doug Nefzger is Coordinating BIG THINGS in the CF Community School District

July 11, 2018 - Doug Nefzger (Business Manager of Cedar Falls Schools) gave us definitive proof that parents and the citizens are getting their money's worth with all the new building construction going on at the schools.  Doug talked about the new Aldrich Elementary School building and gave us a virtual tour of the 20 million plus dollars project with the cutting edge pod concept designs providing the students with a world-class education for many years to follow.  

Doug also talked about the 10 million dollar project that  was juggling his attention as well at the Orchard Hill Elementary School and the massive undertaking going on there concurrently.  Doug said there are moving the portable classrooms to the High School to handle the student over-crowding; because the student base has mushroomed there as well.  

To top everything off, Doug has to keep on top of the gigantic 8.8 million dollar construction project going on at the North Cedar School.  Life is busy for Doug, but he is making a big difference in many people's lives in Cedar Valley.

Good job Doug!

Written by Lynn Barnes

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Earl and Marvin Share the Uplifting Story of Schumacher Elevator Services

June 13, 2018 - Denver, Iowa has a growing company that has been developing since 1936. Schumacher Elevator Services was founded by Earl and Bertha Schumacher when they first developed a lift for funeral homes that has grown in to a large conglomerate covering 6 states with a world-wide customer base.  Two hundred employees in Denver service, design and assemble all types of elevators for any size or application.  They have 17 Branches throughout the Midwest. 

Founder, Earl Schumacher shared the history while grandson, Marvin Schumacher, gave us his business insights and history of the company and what the future brings for the company with an 8% growth in the last 10 years.  

Schumacher Elevators has had a varied history. They even designed and built a fun ride at Disney World that not only lifts people, but gives everyone a great big thrill!  They are big on service because they make customers 100% satisfied.  They have been the last ones to let you down since 1936.

Written by Lynn Barnes and Leigh Zeitz