Thursday, August 27, 2015

September is Anew with Interesting Ideas

Wednesday, September 2 Business Meeting      

Wednesday, September 9 - The History of the Tunis Raceway

Jim Volgarino, a local historian who has written a book about the Tunis Raceway, will share its history.

Wednesday, September 16 - Rep Rogers Discusses Issues in Iowa

Rep. Rogers, Assistant Majority Leader of the House, will discuss the major issues of this last legislative session and for the upcoming one, with a special emphasis on issues relating to children.  Walt Rogers represents Cedar Falls at a state level.

Wednesday, September 23 - Senator Danielson Shares Iowa Issues

Sen. Danielson, Chair of the State Government Committee, will discuss the major issues of this last legislative session and for the upcoming one, with a special emphasis on issues relating to children. Senator Danielson represents Cedar Falls in the Iowa Senate.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Food Store Alternative Coming to Cedar Falls

Wednesday Aug. 19—Local citizens who have wanted to own a piece of the grocery store where they shop may soon have their chance.

Tom Wickersham is serving as the board chair of a new food co-op that is planning to open a store in Cedar Falls. As a co-op, anyone who wishes to buy a $200 share may do so, although everyone is welcome to shop at the store even if they don’t own shares. 

The full-service store will emphasize locally produced and wholesome food and will also include a deli. The co-op’s goal is to have 1,000 member-owners before the doors are opened and they are well on their way towards that number.

We wish Tom success with this exciting venture.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Eliminate Project Reaches $100,000,000

During Kiwanis International’s centennial year, we’ve been celebrating the power of 100. But now that number represents more than just a look back at our past. Today, it became a big step forward.

Kiwanis International is pleased to announce that The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus has reached US$100 million in cash and pledges.

That means the Kiwanis family has saved or protected more than 55 million lives since 2010. And it leaves us just US$10 million away from our fundraising goal of US$110 million.

Five years ago, we made a commitment. Now we’re on the verge of making history. When that moment comes ... how will you be remembered in Kiwanis history?

Make sure you’re part of it! Give today. Then share our big news—and this big opportunity—with family, friends and others.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Curtain Rises on another Exciting Season at the Gallagher Bluedorn

Wednesday Aug. 12—Steve Carignan of the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center joined us today to talk about the 2015-2016 show season, the 15th year he has been the executive director.

With a roster of events ranging from Jay Leno to Here Come the Mummies, this promises to be an exciting season of entertainment for the Cedar Valley.

Steve also shared with us how the center uses focus groups to select performances and determine ticket prices. Once booked, the task of marketing the performances to the Cedar Valley and beyond through FaceBook, the Internet and other media begins. 

Steve, we appreciate the high quality live entertainment the Gallagher Bluedorn brings to our community.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Need YOUR HELP in Organizing Programs for 2015-2016

Yes Indeed Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a bustling club with a throng of busy members who attend informative and entertaining programs each Wednesday . . . but we need MORE INVOLVEMENT!  We need more Rough Risers to take the lead in finding and reserving programs.  

Here are the steps in signing up to be a Program Coordinators for a month.
  1. Click on this link to get to the Program Coordinator Sign-Up Sheet.
  2. Pick a month that is special to you.  (Maybe your birthday month.)
  3. Sign-up for the month on our Online Sign-up Sheet (or on paper in a meeting.)
  4. Look at a calendar to find the dates of the Wednesdays you will be scheduling.
    1. Remember that the first week of the month is our business meeting so no program is needed. 
  5. Find 3-4 speakers for your month.  Here are some suggestions for sources
    1. You (Share something that you do or pursue - you are some interesting people)
    2. Your family and friends (You are connected to some other interesting people)
    3. City Leaders
    4. Business Leaders
    5. Creative Leaders
    6. Community Programs that we sponsor
    7. Coaches
    8. UNI Speakers Bureau
REMEMBER, your speaker doesn't have to be local.  Leigh will help you "beam in" someone special from a distance through our computer system.

Monday, August 10, 2015

New Member Joins Rough Risers

Jason Luders received the coveted KI membership pin and was officially welcomed into the club. The Rough Risers are happy to have you with us, Jason!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

August will be HOT with Interesting Programs.

Wednesday, August 5 Business Meeting      

Wednesday, August 12 - New Programs at the Gallagher Bluedorn PAC

Steve Carignan, Executive Director at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, will briefly describe all the programs in the Artist Series for this coming year. 

Wednesday, August 19 - Food Co-op in Cedar Falls

Tom Wickersham, Board President, will discuss plans for setting up the new exciting Food Co-op in Cedar Falls.  

Wednesday, August 26 - Junior Achievement

Katelyn Pedersen, District Manager, will explain how Junior Achievement works with students in all grades. We will learn how Junior Achievement teaches work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to students in Cedar Falls Schools.  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Solar Energy Plans Generate Excitement in the Community

Wednesday July 22 – Plans are underway at the Cedar Falls Utilities to build a solar panel project on city property near Prairie Lakes.

Steve Bernard from CFU told us how citizens can purchase shares in this project for $399, paid back over a 20 year period with a credit on our utility bills for the portion of the electricity generated by the solar panels.

Steve explained how homeowners whose homes aren’t suitable for solar panels and renters can all take part in the CFU Simple Solar project and generate some of their electricity by this environmentally-friendly source.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July Brings Sparkling Programs to the Rough Risers

Wednesday, July 1 Business Meeting      

Wednesday, July 8 - Making Your Trees Come Alive
Kim Jordan of Jordan Nursery will share tips about how to select and care for trees in our community.  She will answer questions that you might have about tending your yard.

Wednesday, July 15 - No Morning Meeting - 
We decided to not meet on Wednesday morning because we are going to have dinner at our fearless leader, Rod Hamer's, home.  This will be followed by the club's social event where we will go to see the Texas Tenors.

Wednesday, July 22 - CFU Simple Solar Programs
Steve Bernart from Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) will tell us about the CFU Simple Solar program as well as other programs at CFU.

Wednesday, July 29 - New Projects Happening in Cedar Falls 
Ron Gaines from the City of Cedar Falls development department will share the 7 power points on development programes scheduled to take place in Cedar Falls over the next 2 years.  These projects include University Avenue, Greenhill Road extension, Raising the Cedar River levee and a four other projects.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tree and Garden Expert Shares Knowledge

Wednesday July 8 – Kim Jordan of Jordan Nursery spoke to the Rough Risers about the selection and care of trees in our community. With ash trees under attack by the emerald ash borer, Kim told us how important it is to diversify the trees we plant around our homes. New varieties from other parts of the world give us a broader selection than ever. Several members had questions and Kim’s answers and advice will no doubt help us beautify our homes with healthy trees and gardens. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, Kim.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

City and Veterans Groups Work Together to Expand Park

 Wednesday June 24  –  Cedar Falls’ Veterans Park was created in the mid-90s on some land left over from highway and street construction projects near the intersection of Waterloo Road and Utilities Parkway.

Sid Morris, a Korean War veteran, and Mark Ripplinger, head of the Parks Department, were on hand today to explain Phase 2 of the Veterans Park. This expansion adds a shelter house, open green space, a ring of trees and limestone benches to the park. 

The $100,000 cost of the project has been funded entirely by private donations of cash, materials and labor.

Phase 2 is expected to be completed by this fall.

We appreciate Sid and Mark sharing the story of how public and private efforts joined together to improve our city parks.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Superintendent Shares School District News

Wednesday June 17 – Cedar Falls School Superintendent Dr. Andy Pattee spoke to our group today about PLC (Professional Learning Communities) used in the school district.

This process helps students to improve their skills and increase learning on a day-after-day basis by stressing individual student participation and involvement.

He also addressed the school bond election that is coming up on June 30. The administration feels the current steady growth in the student count will soon fill the elementary schools to their capacity. The $35 million bond will pay for a new elementary school and add capacity and improvements to two existing elementary schools.

We appreciate the information Dr. Pattee shared with us about our school district.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Major Employer Also Attracts Tourists

Wednesday June 10 – What draws thousands of people to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area each year, many from foreign countries? The answer is tours at the local John Deere engine plant, assembly plant and drivetrain operations plant. Today Dale Amunson and Megan Zuniga from John Deere Visitor Services told us about the free tours enjoyed by 30,000 guests each year at the local Deere facilities. A new buyer of a John Deere tractor can even watch his tractor being assembled and drive it off the line! No wonder Deere equipment enjoys a great reputation and brand loyalty. Dale and Megan, thank you for your interesting presentation.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rough Risers are Interviewed on Cedar Falls "Serving the Valley" TV Show

Yes, it has happened!!!!  The Amazing Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers have made the grade when it comes to media coverage.  On June 9, Jane Harding, Tony Reid, and Leigh Zeitz were interviewed by Eric Braley on the Serving the Valley television show on Channel 15.  (The action doesn't really begin until 20 seconds into the clip)

The interview covered many topics. We had the opportunity to discuss our club, its history, our community service, our sponsors and why it is a wonderful thing to be a Rough Rider.  We especially enjoyed how Braley was continually talking about how important it would be to be a Kiwanis member.

This 1/2 hour interview will be aired on Channel 15 throughout the summer and then into the Fall season. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

AWESOME Sponsors for 2015 Make Our Donations Possible!!!

Look at the plethora of Cedar Valley sponsors who believe in the work that our Kiwanis Rough Risers Club does for the Valley.  Some of these corporations have been sponsoring our work for years and some have just recently been added to the list.  Together they provide about $14,000 of the $36,000 we donate to youth-related activities and organizations throughout the Cedar Valley.

This is a copy of the label that we use on all of our Kettlecorn bags and the sign that we prop outside our Kettlecorn tent so that the public will see what who is supporting our work.

Thank you Sponsors!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's On Tap for June Programs

Wednesday, June 3 - Business Meeting    
Wednesday, June 10 - Touring John Deere 
A visit to a John Deere plant is a popular activity for tourists visiting this area. At this meeting we will learn about touring John Deere, with a program presented by Dale Amunson and Megan Zuniga of John Deere Visitor Services.  

Wednesday, June 17 - Tunis Raceway Over the Years 
Tunis Raceway no longer exists, but it lives on in the memories of local auto racing enthusiasts. Jim Volgarino, a local historian, has written a book about Tunis Raceway and will present a program on its fascinating history. 

Wednesday, June 24 - Expanding Veteran's Park 
Sid Morris, former city councilman, Korean War veteran and Veteran Park supporter, will tell us about the plans to expand the Cedar Falls Veteran’s Park.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Club Dues Rising to $38 on June 1

June 1 - Yes, Kiwanis Rough Risers is more exciting than ever!!!!!  We have greater programs, better food and even the jokes seem a little better these days. . . maybe that is just senility settling in.

All of these benefits don't happen for free, mind you.  This is just a reminder for you that our Board voted to raise the dues from $37 to $38 dollars beginning on June 1.

Just write that check to our wonderful treasurer/secretary, Jim Larson.  Actually, don't write it to Jim.  Write it to Kiwanis Rough Risers and then had it to Jim.   Do you forget to write those checks?  Why don't you work out something with your bank so that they will pay your dues automatically on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  

Keep up the GREAT work, Kiwanians!!!!  We ARE the busiest service club in town!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rough Risers Visited the Greater Waverly Kiwanis Club on May 4

Tuesday, May 4 - Once in a while it is important to visit other clubs to see what they are doing. On May 4, a team of Rough Risers visited the Greater Waverly Club to have breakfast with them at 6:45 (not quite as Rough as us, but that's OK. =-) Our adventurers included Alan, Steve, Roger, Tony and Leigh. We were hosted by their club president, Dan Daly.

Jim Atty
The meeting was at Wartburg College and it was a full room. They probably had about 30 - 35 members attending. We scattered ourselves among the round tables and ate a sumptuous meal from their breakfast buffet. We had wonderful discussions at our tables that included information about how busy this group is in serving the Greater Waverly community. They sell popcorn at Little League baseball games every week and work a great deal around the community.

Our guest speaker for the morning was Jim Atty, CEO of the Waverly Health Center. He spoke in everyday terms about what they are working to achieve at the Waverly Health Center. He was quite proud of their accomplishments and we really enjoyed listening to him. Perhaps the best part about his presentation was the matter-of-fact discussion he lead. He we quite frank when telling you what worked and what didn't work in our health system. We learned a lot.

It was great visiting the Greater Waverly Kiwanis Club. We hope that they come to visit us sometime soon.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Improvements Coming to NewAldaya Lifescapes Retirement Community

Wednesday, May 20 – There is a growing need for dementia care in our area. The CEO of NewAldaya Lifescapes, Millissa Tierney, presented a program on the new Memory Care House her organization is building as a home for dementia and Alzheimer’s residents. NewAldaya is also planning to remodel the chapel and establish an endowment fund to support services for residents regardless of personal circumstances. We appreciate Millissa sharing the changes and future plans with us that are underway at NewAldaya.  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lynn Barnes interviewed by Kenton Allen on KCFI

Wednesday, May 20 - Lynn Barnes had the great opportunity of being interviewed by Kenton Allen on KCFI this past week.  They had a wonderful time talking about the history of our Rough Risers and what we do for the community.   Lynn included a brief history about how we started popping kettle corn.  It was quite educational.

Thanks for doing the interview, Lynn.  Hope to hear you on the air in the future. (Interestingly, Lynn was quite at home on the radio because he used to be a radio host in days gone by.)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wine Making at Home, a Great Hobby

Wednesday May 13 - Club member Marv Heller has enjoyed making wine at home for many years. Today he showed us how easy it is to make wine and why various steps and techniques are used. No wine-making demonstration is complete without a chance to sample some of his wine, and Marv didn’t disappoint us. Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise with us, Marv. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Plenty of Interesting Programs Planned for May

Wednesday, May 6 Business Meeting      

Wednesday, May 13 - Making Wine at Home
Club member Marv Heller will present a program on making wine at home.

Wednesday, May 20 - New Aldaya Lifescapes' Memory Care Program 
The Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers club will learn about the memory care program at NewAldaya Lifescapes, with a program presented by Millissa Tierney. 

Wednesday, May 27 - Tour of the Western Home 
Following the regular meeting, club members will have the opportunity to tour the new dementia building at the Western Home.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Upcoming Season for Waterloo Playhouse/Children's Theater Announced

The new season at the Waterloo Community Playhouse and Waterloo Children’s Theater begins in July. Jon Robertson, the development director for the Waterloo Center for the Arts, visited us to give club members an early preview of the shows that will be presented this season.

It promises to be an entertaining season for live theater in our community and we enjoyed hearing about it from Jon. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Jerry Harris Shares Trends for Aging in Cedar Falls

Jerry Harris, the chief operating officer at the Western Home Retirement Community told us how this organization got its start over 100 years ago and has grown over the decades. Now that the baby boomer generation is entering retirement, how they are spending their retirement years and where they are living is changing as well. 

He gave us a preview of the major changes ahead during the next few years in both their main campus and south campus locations. We appreciated learning about this organization that serves an important role in the community.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cedar Falls Police Department Invests in Body Cams

Captain Mike Hayes from the Cedar Falls Police Department shared stories of innovation by the department. One of these advancements involves officers using body cams on a regular basis. He said that they have used body cams for several years to record how officers have handled incidents.

These body cams are not inexpensive. Thanks to private donations and grant money, the CFPD will soon update and expand their body cam system. Officer Hayes discussed the pros and cons of the various body camera designs on the market today.

We appreciate Officer Hayes telling us about these improvements in policing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Share Your Kiwanis Impact

As Kiwanians, we work diligently to contribute to the Cedar Valley.  We build playgrounds, soccer field shelters, and park shelters. We sell thousands of bags of kettlecorn to earn money to contribute to scores of youth organizations throughout the Cedar Valley.  We engage businesses to contribute money to our organization that will then be distributed to make the world a better place for children around the world.

This video is created by Kiwanis International, but it holds true for our Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers.  You will see that we have a 10-second engagement screen asking viewers to contact us to get involved.   These videos are being shared on the Cedar Falls Public Access channel (Channel 15).

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rev. Don Sauser shares his Easter story

This morning Rev Don Sauser who is a chaplain at Western Home Communities shared his Easter message about how his life has been affected by faith and working with people. He shared stories about how Western Home's motto of "Love your neighbor as yourself" changed people's lives by bathing them in love. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Women Play an IMPORTANT Role in Kiwanis

Women are important to Kiwanis.  Interestingly enough, women were given membership in Kiwanis as recently as 1987.  It was a shock for some of the clubs, but women are taking important roles in Kiwanis Leadership.  Our very own Jane Erickson from Bellevue, Nebraska is the Vice President of Kiwanis International.

The increasing role that women play in Kiwanis' success is acknowledged through the many resources that Kiwanis International has provided to celebrate women being members in Kiwanis for over 25 years.

The Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers are thankful for the tireless work and leadership that our women members contribute to our club.

This 2-minute video acknowledges the role women play in Kiwanis overall

Thank you for being here.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Historic Cedar Falls Post Office Renovated to New Purpose

The old Cedar Falls Post Office building on Washington Street sat empty after it was no longer needed by the city or the school system. Plans were made to demolish it and use the space as a parking lot.

Jim Newcomb from the newly formed Cedar Falls Development Group told us how his organization stepped in at the eleventh hour and renovated this structure. Now this attractive historic building is the home for a downtown bicycle specialty store, Bike Tech. Jim said the success of this project has his group thinking ahead for future projects as opportunities present themselves.

Jim, thanks for sharing your story about preserving and repurposing this building.  For more information about historic rennovation in Cedar Falls, Visit their Facebook page

Monday, March 16, 2015

I Am Kiwanis! Are You?

It is the members of Kiwanis who make Kiwanis the Significant Force that is has grown to be.

Be part of the Kiwanis Rough Risers and make a difference in Cedar Valley and the world.

Check out the 10-second Rough Riser invite at the end of this video.  This is a video that will be broadcast on Cedar Falls Public Access - Channel 15

Kettlecorn Popping Schedule for 2015

It's popping time again.  This is our opportunity to sell our wares and share the proceeds with community service organizations throughout the Cedar Valley. 

March 7........Lincoln School Carnival.........................4:00
April 24........Orchard Hill School Carnival
April 25........Hansen School Carnival........................11:00
May 1...........Cedar Heights School Carnival
                     Southdale School Carnival
May 2...........RoughRisers @ CF Walmart
May 16.........RoughtRisers @ Waterloo Walmart
May 23.........4th Street Cruise
June 19-20...College Hill Arts Festival @ UNI
June 25-28...Sturgis Falls @ Cedar Falls
July 4............Jaycees Fireworks @ Cattle Congress
Sept 17-20....Cattle Congress
Sept 26..........Circle K

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Heats Up with Program Excitement

Wednesday, March 4 Business Meeting      

Wednesday, March 11 - What's New in Black Hawk County's Road System. 
Cathy Nicholas, Black Hawk County Engineer, will discuss the county's road system, how it is funded, recent improvements and why it needs more funding. 

Wednesday, March 18 - Using Renewable Energy Projects in the Home.  
Mike Miller, CF City Councilman, will explain about renewable energy projects that can be done in your home.

Wednesday, March 25 - Restoring the Cedar Falls' Old Post Office  
Jim Newcomb will report on the progress in restoring the Old Post Office building at 217 Washington St.  This building was built in 1919.

This is Why Kiwanis Matters!

You want to make a difference. This is what we do in the Cedar Falls Rough Risers Kiwanis Club. 

Here's why your Kiwanis service matters.  We are making a difference in the world.

Join us.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Rough Risers Support the Cedar Valley Community in 2014

Our club IS the Busiest Service Club in the Cedar Valley.  We work hard to earn money through popping kettle corn, selling gum balls and receiving donations from community sponsors.  Throughout this process, we try to support as many organizations as possible. 

Here is a list of the organizations we supported in 2014:

  • Big Brothers/Sisters
  • Blue Zones Project in Iowa
  • Boy Scouts
  • Cedar Falls High School Scholarship
  • Cedar Falls Recreation
  • Cedar Valley Preschool
  • Circle K (Kiwanis at UNI)
  • Family Children Council
  • Gift of Giving
  • Girl Scouts
  • Grin N Grow Daycare
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hawkeye Community College Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Eliminate program
  • Kiwanis International "Skip a Meal" program
  • North East Iowa Food Bank
  • North East Iowa Kiwanis Foundation
  • Quakerdale
  • Salvation Army
  • Special Olympics
  • UNI Wheelchair Sports Camp
We are doing what we can to improve the world, one child and one community at a time. 

Join us so that you can help us make a difference in the world.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Should be Fun!!!!

Wednesday, February 4 Business Meeting      

Wednesday, February 11 - What's New at the Waterloo Public Library?
Kimberly Van Deest will describe free courses the library offers, such as genealogy, introduction to your new device (iPad, iPhone), and electronics workshops for kids.  

Wednesday, February 18 - The Leader in Me
Two public speaking leaders, 5th grader Zoey Golden Neessen and 6th grader Drew Hoth, will be sharing about how the students and staff have implemented Leader in Me, based on Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Wednesday, February 25 - Kohls Cares
Tessa Hoffman and Ginny Willett from Kohls will describe their program which provides wonderful support to our Kiwanis club. We will learn more about Kohls Cares' mission and how they support other organizations through volunteering and funding. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Look What's Happening in January

It may be cold outside, but we have some HOT programs for you this month.

Wednesday, January 7 - Business Meeting

Wednesday, November 14 - The Hope for Healing through Quakerdale
Barbara Sanders will share the many programs that Quakerdale runs to make the world a better place. You may be surprised by all the programs that Quakerdale runs.

Wednesday, November 21 - Connect to a Better Future with Hawkeye Community College
President Linda Allen will take us on a journey through the many opportunities that Hawkeye Community College makes available for the Cedar Valley.  Dr. Allen's interest in helping others explore a wide range of opportunities is underscored by her varied background.  She has published in the areas of medical anthropology, transcultural psychology, Asia-Pacific Rim relations, and gender studies so it should be an interesting presentation.

Wednesday, November 28 - Membership Meeting
This morning is reserved to work on future plans for expanding our membership.  Bring your thinking cap.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Eating Healthy for Our Golden Years

Eating Healthy is important.

Today we were joined by Dietician Dean Schillinger. Dean is the dietician at the College Square HyVee. 

Dean shared with us a whole bushel of different types of healthy grains.  The grains included Freekeh, Flax Seed, Black Rice, and the ever-fun Chia. 

A favorite of the club members was the plate of No Bake Granola Flax Treats that Dean made and shared with the crowd.  He also shared the recipe with us and you can get it clicking on the link in this paragraph.  You can look for other healthy recipes at the HyVee website.

Thank you for joining us, Dean.  Your message was warmly received and hopefully we will begin eating healthier.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rube Goldberg Joins Us as Dr. Z Tells His Stories

Rube Goldberg joined us as Leigh Zeitz shared the work he had done at the Waverly-Shell Rock Middle School last May.

Using photos, video clips and stories, Dr. Z described his journey with 6th graders into the Crazy World of Rube Goldberg. We experienced the fun they had developing “complex chain reactions to accomplish simple tasks.” Using a Problem-Based Learning format, those students explored physics while they built contraptions to drop a marble in a bucket, dip a chip in salsa, pop a balloon and even create a banana smoothie.

Dr. Z described how the inventors expressed their experiences through KidBlog and how these activities aligned with Common Core Standards in Science, Technology and Writing. it was fun to see how our room full of retired educators related to these tales of action-based learning.

If you are interested in learning more about this, visit this blog to watch a 20-minute video on this topic.

Monday, November 3, 2014

More GREAT Programs in November

This will be a wonderful month of presentations.  It will involve Inventing, Eating and Thanking.

Wednesday, November 5 - Business meeting.

Wednesday, November 12How Rube Goldberg Led Our 6th Grade Students to Pursuing Their Passions through STEM
Dr. Leigh Zeitz will share his adventures in working with 6th graders at the Waverly-Shell Rock Middle School. Following a Problem-Based Learning format, these midsters created amazing inventions to accomplish simple tasks like Making a Smoothie.  Great way to learn.

Wednesday, November 19 - Enjoying Healthy Nutrition in Your Golden Years
Dean Schillinger, the dietician at the Cedar Falls HyVee, will share helpful hints about how you can eat healthy. He will share a number of suggestions and even provide some homemade treats for your enjoymentn.

Wednesday, November 26 - What Thanksgiving Means to Me
It's the day before Thanksgiving and Monica Winkowitsch will share with us events in her life and why she is so thankful for what she has and what she has to give. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Author and Director of Storybook Christmas Shares His Story

As you know, our club is planning to attend the Storybook Christmas play at the Oster Regent theater on Sunday 12/7 at 2:00 pm.

Today we enjoyed a presentation from the Storybook Christmas's author and director, Dr. Stephen Taft. Dr. Taft took us on his journey of creating the play through story and music.  Inspired by Dicken's work, A Christmas Carol, Taft shared how he adapted it to connect more with today's audiences. He said that he modeled the setting of the play after the homey downtown we call Cedar Falls. He explained how he adapted the characters to fit expanded roles of talent. He used his demo CD and played his guitar to travel through a melodic tour through the songs he had written for the play.

It was a wonderful presentation and created a great deal of interest in the play.  We even had a couple of Kiwanis members add their name to the order list after his presentation.  Hope to see you there on 12/7.

Thank you, Dr. Stephen Taft.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Join Us for Our Social Storybook Christmas play Matinee on 12/7

Join us for our next Kiwanis Social Matinee Event on 12/7 at 2:00 pm.  Barney is doing a great job of setting up this event.  It costs $25/person or $46/couple.

This wonderful play is loosely based on the Dickens classic, Storybook Christmas: A Musical Country Christmas Carol follows Scrooge, the cheap, tight-fisted, greedy proprietor of “Scrooge and Marley’s Used Car Sales”.  Once dreaming of a music career in Nashville, life takes an unexpected turn for Scrooge when best friend, Jake Marley is discovered as the one with the true musical talent. A disc jockey, a talented love interest, the L & L girls of the Ladies Auxiliary Club, and three unexpected visitors of the night share the stage in this new and entertaining December treat.

We hope to see you there.