Monday, May 16, 2016

BIG THANKS to Our 2016 Kettlecorn Sponsors!!!

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Our Kettlecorn Sponsors are AWESOME!!!!

We have 25 companies throughout the Cedar Valley who support our activities through financial and in-kind donations.  This past Sunday we ran an ad in the Celebrations section (Page 9) of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.  

Thank you for your support!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We Will Have Fun Popping KettleCorn this Summer.

We are in the midst of another wonderful and profitable summer of popping kettlecorn and sharing our delectable ambrosia with those of the Cedar Valley.

This year we have 13 engagements (16 days) this summer.  As a tradition we have popped for all of the elementary schools and given them all of the proceeds.  This year we will be popping for the two middle schools as well.

Annually we make thousands of dollars selling kettlecorn and donating our earnings to dozens of children and charitable organizations.

Imagine that - your gastronomic enjoyment can help support children's success.

Come Join Us for a Bag Full of Yummies.

          February 20....Lincoln Fun Fair

          February 26....Holmes Fun Fair

          March 22.........Peet March Madness

          April 22...........Orchard Hill Fun Fair

          May 6..............Cedar Heights/Southdale Fun Fair

          ??????..............Hansen Fun Fair
          May 7..............Walmart Rough Risers

          May 28.............4th Street Cruise

           June 17-18......College Hill Arts Festival

          June 23-26.......Sturgis Falls Festival

          July 3...............Jaycees Fireworks

          August 5-7.......Irish Festival

          September 24..Walmart Circle K

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Emily Borcherding Joins Our Ranks


Wednesday, March 9 - We are pleased to report that Emily Borcherding has joined the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers.  

Gery Deaver, her sponsor, introduced Emily and shared the many reasons that she would benefit our club. President Tony welcomed her into the club and presented her Kiwanis International pin, Rough Riser cap and shirt.

Emily is the Reading and Learning Coordinator at the UNI Academic Learning Center. She is a woman who is dedicated to empowering students in their learning.  As Yeats might say it, she believes that "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

Glad to have you aboard, Emily!!

Rough Risers - Leave your welcome comments for Emily by clicking on the comments link below.

Dr. Andy Pattee Talks about CF Community Schools

Wednesday, March 9 - Dr. Andy Pattee shared something about what has been happening in his district and what they are planning to have happen. 

Professional Learning Community (PLC) (District Model)
The PLC model involves building district-wide leadership teams amongst faculty members across the district. Together they work on a regular basis to create student-centered classrooms. This program is funded as part of a $1.6 million Iowa grant. 

2016 Bond Referendum
On April 5, CF residents will vote on a $32 million School Building referendum.  This will fund 3 school district projects:

  • Renovate North Cedar Elementary School
  • Renovate Orchard Hill Elementary School
  • Build a new elementary school for SouthWest Cedar Falls

For more info at:

Thank you for sharing with us, Dr. Pattee.  We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March will Provide Us with LOTS of New Ideas!

Wednesday, March 2 - Business Meeting 
Where active club members discuss their accomplishments and plans for running and developing the Rough Risers.    

March 9 – What's Up with the Cedar Falls Community Schools?
Dr. Andy Pattee will join us today to give us an update on the happenings in the Cedar Falls Community School District, including student achievement, points of pride, and facility work.

FlWednesday, March 16 – Koats 4 Kids
Julie Ehlers will share what Koats 4 Kids is providing new winter coats and boots for children in need from the Cedar Valley area.

Wednesday, March 23 – Easter Message

Reverend Ed Baker of the Orchard Hill Church will provide a message for us.

Wednesday, March 30 – Beyond Great in Cedar Falls Schools
Floyd Winter and Dave Deaver will share with us the mission and activities of the Cedar Falls Community Schools Foundation. They will share their Beyond Great Campaign and other active projects.

Floyd Winter

Dave Deaver

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Plans Underway for a New Hospital

Wednesday Feb. 10—Sartori Memorial Hospital has served Cedar Falls for over 100 years. Plans are now being made to build a replacement hospital that is designed to meet the medical needs for the community well into the future.

Jack Dusenbery, the CEO of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare spoke to our group today about the changes underway at Wheaton and the new hospital in Cedar Falls in particular. It will be located on 50 acres of land at the intersection of Greenhill and Hudson Roads, with construction beginning next year and the new facility in use starting in 2019.

We appreciate the information Jack shared with us about this major change for our city.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Learning About Another Faith

Wednesday Jan. 27—Although Muslims are often in the news, many Americans are not familiar with their beliefs.

Today we were honored to have Iman Adin of the Massjid Alnoor Islamic Community Center in Waterloo as our guest speaker. He explained how the Islam faith started from the same roots as Judaism and Christianity, they believe in the same all-powerful God and that they study many of the same figures from the Old Testament.

He stressed how the Muslims believe in peace and that terrorists who use the name of Islam are combining their political views with the religion. Iman Adin studied in Bosnia and got his master’s degree in Brunei.

The Waterloo Center has members from many countries and cultures. Thank you for your interesting talk, Iman Adin.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dogs, Legos and Hospitals in February

Wednesday, February 3 - Business Meeting
Where active club members discuss their accomplishments and plans for running and developing the Rough Risers.    

February 10 – The New Sartori Hospital
Where would you put a new hospital in Cedar Falls? 
Jack Dusenbery, CEO of Wheaton Franciscan Health Care, will discuss their plans to build a new Sartori hospital. 

February 17 – The Hive - A Maker Colony
Whether you stitch, hack, quilt, tinker or are just curious, Amy Rousselow will fascinate you as she introduces The Hive in the Waterloo Public Library. The Hive is a DIY (Do It Yourself) environment to ignite your imagination and provide an experience. Whether alone or in groups, project-ready or looking to be inspired, experienced or a novice, The Hive will change the way you think about the library. Learn more about the Cedar Valley's first Public Maker Space that will open to library card holders in March 2016.   

Wednesday, February 24 – Retrieving Freedom

Keegan Birkicht from Retrieving Freedom will discuss the importance of service dogs for our veterans and children with autism. She will explain where they get their dogs and how the dogs are trained. The dog coming along will demonstrate a few tasks used in his or her service work. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rough Risers 2015-2016 Executive Board of Directors

From left: Jim Larson (Secretary-Treasurer); Leigh Zeitz; Bob Ericson; Tony Reid (President); Alan Czarnetzki (Vice-President); Tim Jones, Sue Loy; Rod Hamer (Past President); Cindy Hahn, Gery Deaver. This group works hard to guide the Rough Risers towards meeting its goals of serving the community and enhancing recreational activities for children. This leadership team meets once a month to conduct business, make decisions and swap a few jokes and stories.