Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Americorps Makes a Difference in Children's Lives

Wednesday, November 21 - Giving back to the community to help troubled youth by involving partnerships for protecting children can be achieved by going through a national program called AmericaCorps.  Valerie Hockey, Director of Volunteers at the Center of Attention Community Resource Center in Waterloo, explained the aspects of services offered to the youth. They provide mentoring and tutoring to their participants.  The children first have to trust and then you must act the way you say.  

AmeriCorps engages in a lot of one-on-one interaction with the kids to develop their strengths.  They discuss dream paths leading to the careers the youth want to pursue in life.  They acknowledge strengths the children have to fit in their goals and the plan of action to attain their dream.  All adults that work at the center are role models and may be the only adults that these kids get to interact with on a daily basis. They may be missing their adult role models because they may live in a one-parent environment and/or their parents have to work multiple jobs to support the family. This lack of leadership can cause the kids to get into trouble or fall behind in their studies.  AmeriCorp is there to combat these challenges and support the youth towards success.

Thank you for all that you and AmeriCorp do for the children of Cedar Valley, Valerie.  Your presentation was enlightening.  You are making a difference in many children's lives.

Written by Lynn Barnes

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