Monday, November 26, 2018

"Program Controllers" for the Next Year

Yes, we have another wonderful year of programs to enjoy.  We love the diversity of topics and people that we get to experience each Wednesday morning.  We have had drag racers, city planners, financial planners, professors, presidents, mayors, monks, coaches, authors, contractors, fishermen, KWWL news broadcasters, volunteers, and many other fascinating people. These people work with Cedar Valley youth, build condos, plan parks, coach sports teams, fish, make haunted houses, build elevators, study the civil war, write books, and engage in a myriad of other endeavors. 

Usually, our presenters entertain us in our glamorous Clarion Inn settings, but sometimes we travel to other places for the program and breakfast.  We have gone to the Western Home Communities, Schindler Education Center at UNI, PFG Best offices, and this week we will go to Figaro Figaro on Main Street.  Sometimes we "beam in" our presenters from far away places.  In 2009, Nebraska-Iowa Area Governor - Ron Petsch joined us by computer. Also in 2009, Thynka Little used the virtual world of Second Life to share how she taught farmers about pesticides and other important skills through the computer screen.  Recently, Rushton Hurley joined us from San Jose to share the unique methods they use on the west coast to hold worldwide virtual club meetings.

The key to offering such interesting programs lies in the imagination of our Program Controllers.  These are the Kiwanians who are given the honor to identify and host 3 to 4 programs per month.  Have you signed up for this prestigious position?  Look below.   If your name is already on the list - Thank You.  If you can't find your name, contact Jim Larson and he will gladly help you sign-up for a month.

  • November              Leigh Zeitz
  • December              Tom Reisetter
  • January                  Tony Reid
  • February                Greg Stefanich
  • March                     Leigh Zeitz
  • April                        Alan Czarnetski
  • May                        Dale Jansen
  • June                       Larry Loesner
  • July                         Bob Nelson
  • August                    Rod Hamer
  • September              Gene Traetow

Our monthly programs really make our meetings interesting.  You have lots of great ideas - Join our Legion of Program Controllers.

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